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European Data Centre - News published in February 2017

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News published in February 2017
  • Monday, 27
  • Europa: oportunidades de formación y empleo

    Europe: training and employment opportunities

    "Europe: training and employment opportunities " has been published by Europe Direct Valencia, where you can find information and resources on training and employment in Europe, as well as on language learning and accreditation.

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  • Monday, 20
  • Euroscola 2017

    Euroscola Contest 2017

     23th Euroscola Contest dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (1957-2017).

    The objective is to reflect with young people on the process of transformation of the European Union into an area of freedom, justice and security throughout these 60 years. The Competition proposes as a central theme to know the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as a text that reflects the principles and values of the EU peoples and citizens, after 60 years of joint commitment.

    The Contest will be developed through an interactive educational platform:

    The competition will consist of the production of a video with a maximum duration of one minute and thirty seconds (1'30¨) whose theme is based on some of the rights included in the  Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

  • Servicio Voluntariado Europeo

    European Volunteering partnership in Hungary

    We are looking for 2 participants for the OKOGRAF association CITY VILLAGE FUSION project, within the framework of the European Volunteering Service (EVS). The activity will take place over 8 months in Pecs and Szaporca (Hungary). Further information on the project:

    Project start date: 1 May 2017

    Project end date: 31 December 2017

    Para conocer con más detalle el EVS puedes descargarte la guía práctica que encontrarás en

    Subdirección de Cooperación. Aulario II-1ª planta

  • Centro Excelencia Jean Monnet

    Visita de la Directora General de la Generalitat Valenciana de Relaciones con la Unión Europea y el Estado

    ¿De qué manera se defienden los intereses de los ciudadanos de la Comunitat Valenciana ante las instituciones europeas? ¿Cómo hacemos llegar nuestra voz a Europa?

    La Directora de Relaciones con la Unión Europea y el Estado de la Generalitat Valenciana, Daría Terrádez, responderá a éstas y otras preguntas en la sesión "La participación de las Regiones en la Unión Europea"

    El martes 21 de febrero a las 16h30 en la Universidad de Alicante (Aulario 1, aula 1-M28). Asistencia libre limitada al aforo del aula.

    En el marco del curso "La Unión Europea: organización y funcionamiento" del Centro Interuniversitario de Estudios Europeos de la Universidad de Alicante.

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  • Thursday, 16
  • Logo eurodesk

    Boletín Eurodesk febrero 2017

    El Boletín Eurodesk contiene información actualizada sobre solicitudes de programas españoles y europeos, así como noticias de educación, formación y juventud. La información proviene de la Comisión Europea y otras agencias de similar grado. Además, se ofrece información nacional recogida de diversas fuentes por los socios de los países participantes.

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  • Wednesday, 15
  • Curso online trabajador juvenil

    Youth worker - curso de formación en línea

    - Comprender la profesión del trabajo juvenil y otras profesiones relacionadas;
    - Reconocer las diferentes formas de aprendizaje y utilizar eficientemente los instrumentos de educación no formal;
    - Describir inteligencias múltiples y adaptar los métodos de aprendizaje utilizados en consecuencia;
    - Utilizar métodos de comunicación eficientes y superar fácilmente las barreras de comunicación;
    - Identificar técnicas de gestión de conflictos;
    - Resumir y aprovechar al máximo los beneficios de la dinámica de grupo;
    - Prácticamente ejercer la cooperación dentro de una comunidad.

    Este curso se ofrece a través del proyecto E + "La maleta, el mapa y el viaje de un trabajador juvenil", financiado con el apoyo de la Comisión Europea. Más información sobre el proyecto y los otros módulos en línea desarrollados en el proyecto se pueden encontrar en .

    Participantes: El curso está abierto para participantes de los países del Programa y Socios de E +.

    Fecha límite: 22.02.2017

    People can apply here:

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  • Tuesday, 14
  • Centro Excelencia Jean Monnet

    European Union and Human Rights

    Course organised by the University of Alicante Interuniversity Centre for European Studies (CIEE).

    Interdisciplinary study of the international protection of Human Rights from a European perspective

    Course Dates: 20, 21, 23, 27, 28 February; 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 16 March 2017
    AIMED AT: university students


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  • Monday, 6
  • European Parliament

    Carlomagno Youth Award 2017. Deadline for submissions: 20 February

    Applicants must be between 16 and 30 years old and must be citizens or residents of one of the 28 member states of the European Union.

    Participants can apply, either individually or in groups; in the case of group and cross-border projects, the project can only be submitted in one country which is closely linked to the project.

    Applications in all official languages of the European Union are eligible.

    The projects submitted for the competition must have started and:

    a) have finished between 1 January 2016 and 30 January 2017 or

    b) be still running.

    The prize for the best project is €7,500, the second, €5,000 and the third, €2,500.

    The prizes for the best three projects will be presented by the President of the European Parliament and representatives of the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen.

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  • Thursday, 2
  • Alerta jurídica

    Regional Government announces 29 temporary vacancies

    The decision published in the Official Gazette of the Valencia Region Government, specifies that "given that there are either no staff available on temporary job databases or there are a small number of applicants, and because there is no upcoming call for job vacancies derived from selective procedures for public bodies, the creation of a new roster for temporary staff is necessary." These rosters "will replace the job databases of selection procedures as a result of public competitions".

    This open competition will consist of answering in writing a test with 40 questions for the A1 subgroup and 30 questions for the A2 subgroup, with multiple-choice answers (4) of which only one of them will be correct.

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  • European Commission

    Funding for postdoctoral researchers

    The European Commission has announced the results of postdoctoral research funding 2016 under the Marie Sk%u0142odowska-Curie actions, as part of the EU Horizon 2020. Fellowships have been awarded to almost 1,200 high-profile researchers for a total amount exceeding 218 million euros. Since not all high-quality offers could be selected due to funding constraints, all proposals for individual fellowship, that were not selected for funding although were scored with 85% or higher will -for the first time- be eligible for the seal of excellence.

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