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European Data Centre - News published in September 2017

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News published in September 2017
  • Monday, 25
  • Dia europeo de las lenguas2017.jpg

    Día Europeo de las Lenguas

    La Universidad de Alicante invitan a toda la comunidad universitaria a participar en la celebración del Día Europeo de las Lenguas. Las actividades tendrán lugar el próximo martes 26 de septiembre en el campus de la Universidad de Alicante.

    Cooperation and Volunteerism
  • Thursday, 21

    Jornada informativa sobre posibilidades de financiación europea

    Tendrá lugar el jueves 28 de septiembre en Casa Mediterráneo a las 10h.

    El objetivo será presentar las posibilidades de financiación que ofrecen dos programas europeos:

    •Programa del Instrumento Europeo de Vecindad - Cuenca Mediterránea (ENI CBC MED)

    •Programa Europa con los ciudadanos


    Más información y la agenda del evento en el siguiente enlace:


    Se ruega inscripción por correo electrónico a



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  • Tuesday, 19
  • Logo eurodesk

    Boletín Eurodesk septiembre 2017

    Boletín de información sobre programas e iniciativas europeas. Este boletín centra la atención en la información relativa a las áreas de educación y formación, y juventud.

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  • CIEE

    The European Union and Human Rights

    The University of Alicante Inter-University Centre for European Studies (CIEE) organises the 1st Course on The European Union and Human Rights  (2017-2018)", that will be taught from 2 to 31 October 2017. Its objective is the interdisciplinary study of the international protection of Human Rights from a European perspective.



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  • Monday, 18
  • EU Prize for Women Innovators, 2018

    EU Prize for Women Innovators

    The European Commission has launched the fifth edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators to award women entrepreneurs who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

    Four cash prizes will be awarded to the most innovative women entrepreneurs, based on originality and marketability; economic impact; societal impact; and the contestant's impact and leadership role.

    Competitions and Prizes
  • E-survey: el futuro de Europa

    E-survey: the future of Europe

    The European Committee of the Regions (CDR) is running an online survey as the main part of the "Reflection on Europe" campaign, which was launched at the request of the President of the European Council. The aim of this study is to show how the EU should evolve over the next decade.

    Cooperation and Volunteerism
  • Monday, 11
  • Premio de la UE para el Patrimonio Cultural / Premios Europa Nostra

    European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards

    These awards are given annually to identify and promote best practices in intangible, cultural, material and heritage conservation. The aim is to encourage the cross-border exchange of knowledge and experience across Europe, to raise public awareness and appreciation of Europe's cultural heritage, and to promote other initiatives by example.

    The Prize honours every year up to 30 outstanding heritage achievements from all over Europe. Up to seven are selected as Grand Prix laureates and one receives the Public Choice Award, chosen in an on-line poll.  All the winners receive a certificate as well as a plaque or trophy.  The Grand Prix laureates also receive €10,000 each. Winner are selected according to the following four categories:

    • Conservation
    • Research
    • Dedicated service by individuals or organisations
    • Education, training and awareness-raising

    You can submit your applications until 01 October 2017

    Competitions and Prizes
  • Noche de los investigadores 2017

    The European Researchers' Night

    The European Researchers' Night is a European event aiming at scientific dissemination through the playful aspects of learning.  It will be held on 29 September with the participation of over 30 countries and more than 300 cities.

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  • Semana Europea de la Movilidad, 2017

    2017 European Mobility Week

    This year, the European Mobility Week will be held from 16 to 22 September 2017, under the theme of clean, shared and intelligent mobility, as encapsulated by the slogan '"Sharing gets you further'.  By using shared forms of transport we can reduce our expenses and lower our carbon footprint.  Best of all, you can meet new people and make your journey more sociable.

    the European Mobility Week offer the perfect chance for cities to experience new mobility options. Businesses, NGOs, schools and other institutions are invited to participate in this campaign by registering their mobility action online at any time of the year

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  • Monday, 4
  • Logo eurodesk

    Eurodesk newsletter: August 2017

    Newsletter on European programmes and initiatives This newsletter focuses on information related to the areas of education, training and youth.

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  • Semana Europea de Formación Profesional

    The European Vocational Skills Week

    The 2nd European Vocational Skills Week will take
    place from 20-24 November 2017 The main topic is Discover your Talent!

    A large variety of activities and events will be displayed before and during the week to show excellence in education and vocational training throughout Europe. During the main week, a series of events and activities will be also held in Brussels (press conferences, lectures, workshops and closing ceremony with prize presentations). Also, a set of communication materials, including guidelines, a brochure and elements of visual identity are also available, most of them in the 24 EU official languages.

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