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European Data Centre


Centro de Documentación Europea

The University of Alicante's European Data Centre offers the University community and the public in general the documentation produced by the Community institutions of the European Union.

Since 1963, the European Commission has established a network of 693 centres distributed around the world, of which 443 are located in Member States. Its facilities are located in the universities or research institutes and, exceptionally, in public libraries.

In this context, the European Commission granted the University of Alicante the status of European Data Centre on 1 January 1985.

Since 2005, the EDCs belong to a wider network of information points called EUROPE DIRECTlaunched by the  European Commission, in order to organize and reunify part of different EU information services to the citizen.


Fondo del CDE

In order to carry out its informational activity, the European Data Centre is provided with:

  • the documentation from the institutions and bodies of the European Union submitted by the EU Publications Office.
  • monographs and periodical publications in any area of the European Union acquired by the University of Alicante.
  • access to databases and electronic resources.


Interior CDE

Apart from those relating to a library, reading room and book loan service, we also offer:

  • Resolution of enquiries about the EU.
  • Customized Service.
  • Bibliographic information.
  • Searches in databases and electronic resources.
  • Library collection enquiries

EDC Website

The University of Alicante's EDC website offers:

  • General information on the European Union and European documentation centres.
  • Definition of the EU Law, as well as access to all European legislation and case-law through portals, European databases and BUA's resources.
  • Links to all the bodies, institutions and European agencies, as well as to EU policies.
  • Information about Europe from the European Commission, EU Bookshop, OHIM publications...
  • Open access to the EU and University repositories.
  • Portals, sites and websites with interesting content on work, study or research in Europe.
  • Other resources:
    • Search in the BUA catalogue on EU matters
    • Information sources on the EU
    • Multimedia: videos, images...
    • Bibliographic news
    • etc

University Library - European Documentation Centre

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For further information:, and for enquiries on this web server:

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