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Open access in Europe

Acceso abiertoThe Open access movement allows free access to the digital resources resulting from scientific or academic production without economic barriers or restrictions derived  from their copyrights. This production includes not only the articles published in journals, but also other types of documents as lerning objects, images, data, audiovisual documents, etc. Access is provided online via the Internet and -except for technological limitations and the user's network connection failure- it should not be restricted by other kinds of enforcement.  (Peter Suber, 2006).


  • COM (2013) 654 final. Opening to education: innovating teaching and learning for everyone through new technologies and open educational resources.

Open access resources


RUA (University of Alicante's Institutional Repository) offers open access to the full digital text of documents generated by the University of Alicante's members in their academic and research activity. It collects all types of digital material, both preprints as postprints, communications conferences, working papers, teaching materials and learning objects, video and audio, magazines published by the University of Alicante, etc.

SEDAS (Spain-European Union Digital Archive) is a digital file created by 20 European data centres (CDE) of the Spanish universities and the representation of the European Commission in Spain, in collaboration with the State Secretary for the European Union. It collects text documents, images, audios, videos on Spain and the European Union as well as the intellectual production of the European Union universities.

EUROPEANA. European Digital Library for researchers, professionals and the public in general, that allows them to search across Europe resources, providing access to books, periodicals, films, maps, music, photographs, etc.

OpenAIRE provides free and open access to documents on EU-funded research. Especially in the areas of health, energy, environment, communication and information technology, research infrastructures, social sciences... (More info)

Portal de datos abierros de la Unión Europea

OpenData gives access to EU data that can be used, reused, linked, and redistributed for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

DOAJ. Directory of open access journals with links to the full texts of the articles.

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