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CID-intermediate course

We are presenting the CID Digital competences: "Intermediate level".

It is a continuation of the course that you did during your first degree at the University.

Now, we seek to strengthen and expand the competencies that you already purchased at the basic level, applying them to your fields of knowledge. Therefore the given contents are related and adapted to the degree that you are studying.

Objectives of the course

The objective is to improve competencies in computer and information skills that will be useful as a student, both in your life and in your future academic professional development.

With this course you will be able to:

  • Strengthen and expand the skills acquired at the basic level by applying them to the fields of knowledge.
  • Develop a set of skills and knowledge to find, manage, and evaluate the information effectively.
  • Training in skills allowing to know and use the most appropriate specialized information sources to your needs of information.
  • Organize and manage in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner the information obtained, making appropriate use of the ICT, all aimed at the elaboration of works.
  • Know the internal and external elements of a computer to be able to assess which you need.
  • Handle tools (software) for the generation and organization of digital content, identifying the risks.

Ultimately, the objective of this level is to enable you on skills that allow you to use specialized information sources best suited to your needs of information, as well as organize and efficiently manage the information you obtain, making appropriate use of ICT.

We offer you detailed information about the course:



The contents of the course are organized into nine modules , divided into different sections or units.


The course is aimed at students in 2nd or 3rd course of grade studies.

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