Exhibition: Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize of Economics 2014 University Library

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Exhibition: Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize of Economics 2014

Economics Library, on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2014 Jean Tirole, exposes a sample of his work from October 20 until November 21 .

Imagen de Jean Tirole

Source: Infocif.es

It is a selection of funds of the University Library which is temporarily available to users for your inquiry or loan at the Economics Library.

The Royal Academy of the Sciences of Sweden has recognized the french author "for his studies on the regulation of markets, the power of enterprises and competition" 1

In his argumentation , the jury highlights Tirole is one of the more influential economists at the moment, since it has clarified how the different economic sectors dominated by a few companies and the ability of Governments to promote the competition are regulated (Infocit, 2014).

We show the link to two documents in which the Academy speaks about this author:

And the website of the French Economist.

We also present a list of articles made by the author between 2009 and 2014 2 .


We hope you enjoy it!


  1. Jean Tirole, Premio Nobe de Economía 2014. Infocit.es [Online]. 2014-204113/10/14 16:18 [consultation 2014-20-21]. Available at http://noticias.infocif.es/noticia/jean-tirole-premio-nobel-de-economia-2014
  2. Much of the articles display are restricted to access from the UA Campus.