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LGTBIphobia virtual exhibition

LGTBIfobia 2020 posterMay 17, International Day against LGTBIfhobia

After many years of struggle, the homosexual collective managed to eliminate the General Assembly of the World Health Organization on May 17, 1990, from eliminating homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, something that was not achieved until 2018 with transsexuality, which It has gone from considering it a disorder to gender incongruity.

Since 2005, the Day Against Homophobia has been celebrated, which has been gaining letters and visibility day by day. Taking into account that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is established in more than 70 countries, with laws that penalize the practice of relationships of this type, as well as the rebound in attacks both verbal as well as physical in countries where there is supposed to be sexual freedom (as a reminder, the recent case of transphobic insults by two police officers in the city of Benidorm), it is very opportune to celebrate a day that aims to fight against these practices of humiliation and violence against human beings whose only "fault" is their diversity.

This University is committed to the fight of the LGTBI collective and the Economics Library wants to be a reference as bibliographic support for gender studies, for this reason we have been exposing monographs and articles for several years that try to recognize LGTBIphobia and how to combat it; This year, this exhibition is virtual and consists of a selection of the most recent monographs that the University Library has acquired on the subject and which may be consulted as soon as the libraries are open to the public; In addition, there is a selection of online monographs available on BUA's e-book portals, full-text articles retrieved from Dialnet, and a resource guide on the Internet.