Thematic exibition: José Luis Sampedro or when the economy turned ethics University Library

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Thematic exibition: José Luis Sampedro or when the economy turned ethics

Jose Luis Sampedro Maker of words and theories, bridges that pass the imagination from one bank to another reality. From lived to dreamed and then to the possible... to the future. In these terms you could re-read the thinker, writer and economist José Luis Sampedro.

Born in 1917, he witnessed of the two world wars, the social revolution of the 1960s, the Vietnam war, the arrival of democracy in Spain and the economic crisis that began in 2008. Because his attempt to activate the mind of collective and youth people of this country is what is now most remembered. So in back are his novels, full of delight and tenderness but showing  the reality in which the characters live. Tireless writer, leaves us an important production dedicated to the economy, novels and tales .

In this posthumous tribute, the Economic Library would like to remind the humanist figure who was using the exhibition of some of his works included at the bibliographic found of the BUA and which will be available for your inquiry or loan from April 25 to May 10 at the ground floor of the Economic Library.

The list of selected titles are available in this reading guide .

In addition, we have selected a list of articles in Dialnet and CSIC .