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Digital libraries

Spanish digital libraries
  • Hispana : Gatherer content databases of digital collections. These include institutional repositories of Spanish universities and the digital libraries of the autonomous communities and the contents of the Red Digital Collections of Museums of Spain.
  • Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage (BVPB) : MECD cooperative project and the autonomous communities in which the digital reproduction of collections of manuscripts and printed books, part of Spanish Historical Heritage is offered. It includes works from the eighth century to the mid-twentieth century. Involved more than 100 libraries, among which is the BNE.
  • Pares. Spanish Archives Portal : The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport project for webcasting Spanish Historical Heritage Documentary preserved in its network of centers. It offers free access to documents with digitized images of the Spanish Archives.
  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes : Spanish library provides free access to bibliographic, documentary and critic of Spanish and Latin American culture heritage
  • Joan Lluis Vives Virtual Library: Project Xarxa Vives d’Universitats ,Virtual Library Joan Lluis Vives has become the largest online library in Catalan. The objectives are, firstly, to enforce the online edition of the most representative works of the culture of the Catalan-speaking territories, and secondly, give maximum publicity to the funds digitized.
  • Hispanic digital library: Free portal and digitized documents from the Spanish National Library.
Spanish digital libraries regions
Foreign digital libraries
  • Europeana : Only access to millions of digital resources from more than 2,200 libraries, archives, museums and European audiovisual collections.
  • Gallica : Digital library of the National Library of France since 1997, is updated weekly and provides free several million scanned documents.
  • Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano : Project of the Association of National Libraries of Ibero-America (ABINIA) is a portal that allows access from a single point of consulting the digital resources of all participating national libraries, of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba , El Salvador, Spain, Panama, Portugal and Uruguay.
  • Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) : Gives free access to the digital heritage of libraries (NYPL), archives (National Archives), museums and universities (Harvard, California, Michigan ...) America, becoming its digital national library.
  • Internet Archive : By aggregation, stores digital text collections of American and Canadian libraries, university and many others around the world. It is probably due to accumulation, most existing digital library.
  • Biblioteca Digital Mundial : International digital library created by the Library of Congress and UNESCO. The members of the WDL are mainly libraries, archives and other institutions that provide collections of cultural content.
Specialized digital libraries
  • Digital libraries: Resources and projects: Selection of digital libraries and of electronic texts of the IFLA, with bibliographies, journals, conferences, projects, services of interlibrary loan, etc.
  • Digital library of the Latin American Institute of the Educational Communication : Digital Library that offers information on Literature, Science and Tecnology, Social Sciences, Art, History and textbooks.
  • Dramatic Valenci Library
  • Digital National Medical Library: This library has access to skilled dictionaries, to complete texts, has a section of audio and video, radioteca, access to medical databases.
  • Internet Classics: classical Works of Graeco-Latin authors, China and Persia in English version. This page is elaborated by the MIT (Institute of Technology of Massachussets) and is accompanied by links of interest and comments of the readers.
  • Liber Liber: Library: digital Library of Italian literature by authors and titles that offers the possibility to buy the works or download them in several formats.
  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: Complete virtual Library devoted to cartography. It collects maps and planes of all the world.
  • Perseus Project: Digital library devoted to the Graeco-Latin culture. Initially centred in the classical and archaic Greece, his coverage has gone expanding over time. Its virtual library of classical Graeco-Latin texts is especially interesting.
  • Story Place: The digital library of boys: This library has three sections: Library of pre-pupil, Childish Library and Book Hive (a space to find information on books in English). In the library of pre-pupil and in the childish tales and appropriate interactive games for such ages can be found.

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