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Subscribed e-books

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ACM-CBS: ACM Classic Books Sèries

25 monographs on Computing edited between the years 1958 and

Tirant logo virtual library

Tirant Virtual Library

Digital platform that gives access to all e-books of the Tirant lo Blanch Publishing House (more than 5,000 in January 2020).
Most of these e-books are in the field of Legal Sciences, although there is also a significant number of Social Sciences and Humanities monographs.

E-Books Collections d'Elsevier

Collection of electronic books purchased by the UA Agriculture and Biology; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics; Chemical engineering; DC. Environmental and CC. Materials, published since 1995. 275 volumes.

It also includes Referex Engineering : Specialized books in Engineering Materials and Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Chemical and Petrochemical and Process. 54 volumes.

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E-Books Mienciclo - Online Library

Access to electronic books that cover the following categories: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, History and Biographies, Literature Education and Teaching and Gastronomy.


E-Excellence (Ancient Liceus)

Portal that covers 22 disciplines of the area of Humanities with articles and monographs to complete text and in Spanish.

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ProQuest Ebook Central  

Platform of electronic books of academic content to full text of prestigious publishers. The BUA offers access to more than 30,000 titles in Spanish and English on a multidisciplinary theme, although with greater weight in Social Sciences, Economics and Business. The platform allows online viewing and, in some cases, download by chapters or the entire book.

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Portal of electronic books that includes about 9,046 books whose subject matter is related to Business Administration, Auditing, International Trade, Economics, Administration, Management and Business, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources ...
To be able to read, add to the bookshelf or download any electronic book, the user needs to register and create an account from the UA's IPs. Once the user has got a login, they can use it off campus. For any questions, please contact with .


UNE electronic books

This platform brings together a collection of books in pdf and epub format, published by the Spanish University Publishers. It includes some 1500 books covering the different disciplines: Literature, History, Geography, Law, Psychology, Education, Libraries, Advertising, Humanities, Sociology, Language, Criminology, Cinema, Sports, Theater, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, Economics, Medicine, Religion, Politics, Religion, Music, Photography.

GRAÓ books

Digital Platform that gives access through Premium to about 100 titles of electronic books related to the subject of education. The download format is EPUB, so you have to have a program to read this format, (Adobe Digital Editions, etc).


IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Portal of access to 1.200 records of conferences, more than 3.800 technical norms, more than 1.000 electronic books specialised in Sciences of the Computation (Computer).



Portal of 168 subscribed electronic books, of multidisciplinary nature that is accessed from any computer on the university campus. As an added service, users of the university can register with the Ingebook to enjoy more functionalities, such as the personal library, favorites, notes, last book read, participation in blogs and forums, comments, tests, test resolution, etc. The platform only allows the text to be displayed.


IOP Books

Selection of 60 physics books pertaining to the Expanding Physics and Concise Physics collections.



LNCS - Lecture Notice in Computer Science

Monographs serials on Sciences of the Computation, including the disciplines of BioInformática and Intelegencia Artificial. Coverage: from 1997.

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O'Reilly Safari

New digital platform that includes more than 38,000 titles of books and 30,000 hours of video.
Its theme is based on Programming, Information Technology Networks, Project Management, Graphic Design and even Business Strategy.

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Multidisciplinary portal with access to the complete text of the books edited from the year 2007.

Includes The Prokaryotes (7 volumes of Biomedicine and Health Sciences)


Tirant lo Blanc

Collection of e-books that compiles manuals of recommended bibliography and monographs of juridical subjects.



Portal of access to juridical monographs. (Law)

User guide and videotutorials


Wiley On-line Library

Collection of 20 electronic books on Polymers, Sciences of the Materials, Chemical, Industrial Chemistry, Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physical, Astronomy, Atomic Physics, Molecular and Optical.

This year, we have also signed the Wiley Usage-Based Collection Management collection, which allows access to 1,046 electronic books from January 1 to December 31, 2018


Open access e-books

Códigos electrónicos de Derecho

Collection of electronic codes to full text of the Agency of the Official State Gazette.



Directory of electronic books of university and private publishers in open access reviewed by peers, especially in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Libros CSIC

Electronic books of the Superior Council of Scientific Research in free access. 90 monographs

Free contributions of Internet users of their works and multidisciplinary books in which the users themselves make evaluations and control the quality of the contributions. 35,000 volumes.

OpenBook Publishers

Access to more than 150 Open Access monographs whose subject matter is multidisciplinary, among which the following disciplines may be highlighted: literature, mathematics, science, environment, sociology ...

OpenEDITION books

Platform of electronic books in open access on Social Sciences and Humanities of the Center for Open Electronic Publishing. It offers a series of added services through the subscribed libraries.

Project Muse

Project MUSE offers more than 500 books in open access from several university publishers. In order to access its content, it is not necessary to register, it is free of DRM, it provides unlimited download and printing and among the editors of these books we can highlight: Cornell University Press, Utah State University Press, University of Ottawa Press, University of Michigan Press, Ohio State University Press, University Press of Colorado, Leiden University Press and Brandeis University Press, among others.

SIMURG  (CSIC Bibliographic Funds)

Portal of access to the digitized funds of the libraries and archives of the CSIC: manuscripts, monographs, maps, magazines, between the 12th and 20th centuries.


Compilation of open access monographs included in the European repository Zenodo

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