Recommended bibliography

Recommended bibliography is the set of documents that the Faculty recommends to the students in each of the subjects they taught during the academic year.

Includes all materials: books, audiovisual materials, journals, etc. 

Multiple copies of these materials must be present in the libraries, at the disposal of the students, from the beginning of each academic year. 

To access the recommended bibliography: Undergraduate Programm > Syllabus > Subject > Bibliography and links.

If you are student or student of the UA, can consult the bibliography recommended complete and with possibility to classify it by the profesorado that recommends it in UACLOUD in the educational "Material section", subapartado "Bibliography" and in VIRTUAL CAMPUS accessing by "Other services/Resources of learning/Bibliography".

Recommended bibliography request is an open process throughout the year, but before the beginning of each academic year libraries remind teachers to send their lists.

The recommended bibliography purchase is charged to the budgets of the University Library.

In general terms, the procedure is as follows:

  Tutorial for teaching and research staff

1 . Professors request to the library of the Faculty where they are teaching, the relationship of the recommended literature through the program available in the virtual campus .

The program allows to recommend existing library books or recommend and request books not available at the UA.

Libraries recommend using a scale to determine the number of copies of each document that must be present in the libraries. This scale is related to the number of students of each subject and the type of document (manual or supplementary bibliography). If the use by the academic staff of some of the titles included in the recommended bibliography is considered necessary, it shall be notified in order to give treatment to this titles as teaching literature (both for the purpose of budget and preferential loan to the Academic Staff).

2 . Libraries staff will check if there is already a copy of the recommended documents and shall fill in the check box corresponding to this data in the form, to inform the petitioner, together with information relating to:

  • No. of copies already in the catalog and its location.
  • Adaptation of the number of copies requested with the total recommended number.
  • Final proposal of purchase. If rectifications are not received within the period of a week, the library will proceed to manage acquisitions.
From the time of approval or correction of the report issued by the library Coordinator, it will be considered firm order.
The information will be sent via email. Subsequent reports sent by  libraries are as follows:
  • Report of "sold out" and "cancelled", giving the possibility to substitute titles.
  • Report of "received".
  • Quarterly report on the status of the budget to each Department with a full list and a summary of the general status of the budget.

3 . Once processed, the materials become available for the corresponding library user. The recommended bibliography will be updated during the course.

The Library works on some scales of number of copies as a guidance, as it follows:

  • Recommended basic bibliography (manuals and works to be consulted by all the students of the course):
Less than 50 students 2 copies
More than 50 students 3 or 4 copies
More than 100 students 4 or 6 copies
More than 300 students 5 to 8 copies
More than 500 students 6 to 10 copies
More than 700 students 7 to 12 copies
800 students 12 copies
  • Complementary bibliography (works that can be consulted by a percentage of students of the course):

The number of copies depends on the estimation of use made by the professors of the subject.