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Donations. Personal collections

The personal collections of the Library of the University of Alicante include donations made to the University by professors from this university community, and by researchers of diverse areas of knowledge linked to this institution.

These collections can be consulted in the catalogue of the library and are deposited in the different libraries of the University. In some cases, the collections are constituted by varied materials (handwritten, photographies, letters, cuts of press...) That have been digitized to attain a greater diffusion.

Paco Hernández Rodríguez

Paco Hernández Rodríguez


The donation of Paco Hernández Rodríguez includes brief popular plays Valencian of the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection finds deposited in the Library of Philosophy and Letters, forming part of the section Theatrical Bottom Valencian excluded of loan and with access restricted to personal researcher.


Russell P. Sebold


It has joined the Library of the University of Alicante's personal library of US Hispanist Russell P. Sebold, scholar of Spanish literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The donation was organized differentiating between a modern background and an interesting old collection of books in Spanish, French and English of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

manuel albadalejo Manuel Albadalejo García

The donation of the personal library of the prestigious jurist D. Manuel Albaladejo García, is important so much by his volume as by his content, that includes his work, indispensable in numerous fields of the Spanish Civil Right , as well as an important number of doctoral thesis and a wide collection of historical works.
  epalza rubiera

Mikel de Epalza and María Jesús Rubiera


The collection donated by Mikel of Epalza and Mª Jesús Rubiera, doctors in Semitic Philology, gathers a valuable group of books, magazines and offprints of singular utility to enrich the Arab and Islamic studies in the University of Alicante. The bibliographic fund is organised by matters and distributed in the Library of Philosophy and Letters, the Deposit and the Room of Researchers. 

Community Nursing Association logo Community Nursing Association

Thanks to the agreement subscribed between the University Library and the Association of Community Infirmary (AEC), some bibliographic funds and documentaries of big interest and variety arrive to the University of Alicante. Among others, we can find: periodic publications and skilled monographs in infirmary and sciences of the health, administrative intern archives , records of meetings, documentation of all the congresses and meetings of winter organised by the Association and information on his foundation, his composition and his activities in general, that suppose a very important batch of documents of the history, not only of the AEC, but of the infirmary and of the primary attention and the community health in Spain.

rafael martinez san pedro

Rafael Martínez San Pedro


The donation of the doctor Rafael Martínez San Pedro gathers a group of 3,818 volumes, the majority of them of medical thematic, specifically of the specialitys of obstetrics and gynaecology, beside others of adjacent thematic like sexuality, psychology of the woman or oncology.

federico lanzaco salafranca

Federico Lanzaco Salafranca


In March of the year 2005 takes place the donation of the particular library of the orientalist D. Federico Lanzaco Salafranca, laureated by the Japanese State. The group of the documentation includes an important multidisciplinary bibliographic collection in Spanish and English, on the Far East and very especially on Japan.

jesus garcia fernandez

Jesús García Fernández

The collection of the Chair of Geography of the University of Valladolid, collects a wide and varied group of documents that includes from monographs and magazines to field notebooks, slides, transparencies, maps, all related with the rural and urban geography, the geomorphology, the climatology of the region of Castilla, as well as the mountainous surroundings of Alicante.

  ermanno caldera Ermanno Caldera

Studious of the Spanish literature and more specifically of the period of the Romanticism and his theatre, his collection covers a total of 1,205 registers, including monographs, offprints, magazines and a very valuable group of personal documentation formed by manuscripts, letters, notes, Typewrittenmanuscripts and photographies.
enrique alcaraz varo Enrique Alcaraz Varó

It collects a total of 617 volumes devoted to the English philology, the translation, the education of the language, the English and American literature and the technical language of the economy, the finances, the computing, the sciences of the health.
maria luisa cabanes catala

María Luisa Cabanes Catalá

In September of 2008  the particular library of the Chair of Sciences and Historiographical Techniques of the University of Alicante is received. The numerous publications that conform the 1,961 registers are monographs, offprints, records of congresses on mediaeval and modern history of Valencia, Murcia and Albacete.

Pedro Ferrandiz

Pedro Ferrándiz González


On the occasion of the "Pedro Ferrándiz" Chair in Sport created by the University of Alicante, the library incorporates in its catalog more than a thousand books and journal belonging to the personal collection of Pedro Ferrándiz, one of the most popular basketball coaches in our country. With this donation, the bibliographic collection of the university becomes enriched with a great variety of sports books and magazines, related to basketball and other sport disciplines such as football, boxing, martial arts, hunting, rugby, gymnastics, motorbikes racing, etc.

Elena Toro Lillo

Elena Toro Lillo

Professor Elena Toro Lillo donation of books to the Library of the University of Alicante constitutes a specialized fund in subjects related to the study of the Spanish language and linguistics. The copies are available in the Arts Library and in the Deposit of the General Library Building.



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