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María Luisa Cabanes Catalá

The personal library of María Luisa Cabanes Catalá donated to the University of Alicante is composed of a number of papers and handouts covering the main themes to which she devoted her years of research: paleography, historical sources, diplomacy, Medieval writings (Carolingian, Gothic), medieval history not only of Valencia and Alicante, but also of Aragon, Castilla-León and Castilla La Mancha.

Along with this collection was donated a set of personal documentation and research that is kept in the Archives of the University.

The location of the collection is divided between the Researchers Hall , the second floor of the Reference Library of Arts and the University Library Deposit.

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María Luisa Cabanes Catalá (1948-2008)

Dr. María Luisa Cabanes Catalá was born in Valencia on 26th March 1948, where she attended primary and secondary education at Domus School and a BA in Philosophy at the University of Valencia between 1966 and 1971. During her studies, she came into contact with the Department of Medieval History, where she was a fellowship holder and to whose orientation she directed her studies, becoming a disciple of Dr. Antonio Ubieto Arteta, then Professor of Ancient and Medieval History at the University of Valencia, who directed her doctoral thesis entitled El monasterio de Gratia Dei o de la Zaidía, de Valencia. Estudio de una comunidad monástica femenina en la Edad Media, defended on 18th June 1974. Since the preparation of her final year's project, she focused his graduate studies on which are now called Historiographical Sciences and Techniques. Since October 1976,  she was an aggregate of Paleography and Diplomatic on an interim basis since October 1979 and attached tenured professor of Paleography and Diplomatic, first at the University of Valencia and then in Alicante, the latter since 1st January 1981 . On 28th July 1993, she became Professor of Historiographical Sciences and Techniques at the University of Alicante, which she held until her death on 19th May 2008.

Since she joined the University of Alicante she began a tireless teaching and research activity that was compiled, in addition to the provision of regular teaching in the Bachelor of Arts (sections of History and Geography and History) and Ph.D. courses, the supervision of seven doctoral theses (three of which were interrupted by her death) and seven dissertations completed, apart from her extraordinary teaching in numerous courses and symposia. Her bibliography consists of 14 books and 95 titles including articles, presentations, communications and chapters in collective works, having left -at her death- a book being published and several unpublished works. Her contributions are focused primarily on the fields of publishing sources, Paleography research (in which she gave birth to valuable synthesis) and in Diplomatic, noting in this field her studies on royal and viceregal documentation and modern colonial period, and especially in the field of Sigillography, she made contributions of great innovation on issues such as the type of liner, the modes of deposition and the uses of the seal. For the development of all these studies she made use of documentation from many sources, the result of her tireless work in various archives and her extensive knowledge of the sources.

Her excellent training and professionalism as well as her personal spirit of tolerance, respect and fairness deserved her the general esteem of her colleagues, students and professionals in archives and libraries, all of which always found in her person the help and support required in a cordial and unselfish devotion. For this reason, she was also -during a period of four years- the vice president of the Spanish Association of Historiographical Sciences and Techniques and was also elected secretary of the Hispanic Association of Paper Historians (whose area is the Iberian Peninsula), a post she held at her death. As testimony to the appreciation that aroused among her peers and colleagues after his death, the Department of Medieval History, Modern History and Historiographical Sciences and Techniques and the Faculty of Arts unanimously asked for the gold medal of the University of Alicante for her.


BALDAQUI ESCANDELL, Vicente Ramón (University of Alicante's Department of Medieval History, Modern History and Historiographical Sciences and Techniques).

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