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¿How they are ordered the books in the rooms?

The books are ordered by subjects and inside each subject by catalogue number, from left to right and from top to bottom in each shelf. In all the rooms you will find posters with general and detailed information about the different matters (thematic areas): hanging posters, labels that indicate the content of the bookshelves, information on each shelf about its concrete content.

¿Which is the meaning of the label in the books spinne?

This book label reflects the catalogue number of the book, an alphanumeric code that indicates the exact location of each book inside the collection. It is formed by: library code, number of classification, three letters of the surname of the author and three letters of the book title. The book label helps us to order the books according to the criteria of systematic classification (CDU), so that the books about the same subject are gathered in the same bookself..

¿What does it mean CI, DE, EC, ED, FL, IG, POE, DP, MD and PB?

They are the codes that indicate us to which library the books belong: CI (Library of Sciences), DE (Law Library), EC (Economics Library), ED (Education Library), FL (Arts Library), IG (Geography Library), POE (Polytechnic and Health Sciences Library), DP (Book stack), MD (Media library) and PB (PuntBiu).

If a book has any attached material (CD, DVD) Where do you look for it?

Usually this kind of materials are situated in restricted areas. You have to request for it to the librarians.


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