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Can I consult the daily press in the library?

  • Yes, in all the Faculty libraries and on the ground floor of the General library building. You can consult back issues in the Deposit and if they are from the present year, you can ask for them at the PuntBIU desk.
  • Or through the internet on the homepage of the library, find information, electronic resources and digital press . All the papers are freely available (they can be accessed from home as well), except El Pais and La Vanguardia, which are only accessible from University computers, since they are subscriptions (from home they are also accessible, but the access options are more limited than those from the University).

Are there photocopiers in the library?

Yes. In the General library building there is a copy shop, which also manages requests for remote printing. There are also 3 self-service copiers that work with card (the card has to be purchased in the copy shop), one on the ground floor and two on the first floor. In the other buildings where are Faculty Libaries are located you can find also photocopying or self-service photocopiers, which, in some cases, can be located on the premises of the Library. Photocopies in color throughout the campus are not available.

How can I book a group work room?

From the main page of the service of library, using the library, spaces and equipment, workgroup rooms . They are restricted to the members of the University community and authorised persons, and two ID are requested for the reservation.

How do I connect to the internet from the library?

  • Through the public use computers, available at all libraries by identifying yourself with the username and password for the email/virtual campus of the UA. People who do not belong to the University community can use this computers prior identification at the Library information counters. The staff will provide the external user with a temporary key.
  • Connecting your laptop to the Wireless University Network .


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