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How can I find a book, a movie...?

The consultation of the catalogue is the faster and safer method  to locate the material you need. You can use computers exclusively intended for consultation of the catalogue at the University, although you can also access from home. The catalog informs you if the document you are looking for is in a library and if it is available or already borrowed by a user. The physical location of the document in a library, on a concrete shelf is shown in the call number (code made up of letters and numbers that is glued on the spine of the book).

How are the books in the rooms ordered?

The books are sorted by subject and within each subject by call number, arranged from left to right and from top to bottom on each shelf. In all rooms you will find posters with general and detailed information on the different subjects (topics): posters hanging from the ceiling, signs indicating the contents of the shelves, information on each shelf with information about its specific content.

Where can I consult the library's electronic resources?

You can access the electronic resources subscribed by the library services on the computers intended for viewing at all Faculty Libraries. In the General Library building, also in the open access computer room and in front of Punt BIU (both on the ground floor of the General Library building). Some free resources  (electronic reference, electronic abstracts, catalogue, open access journals) are also accessible from home.

Who can help me to get general information about the electronic resources?

You can ask the PuntBIU staff (library user information point), on the ground floor of the General library building, or in the Faculty libraries, which will help you to perform a specific search or will teach you how to use the various  e-resources existing in the library services.


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