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Interlibrary loan

Can documents be requested on interlibrary loan?

All kinds of documents or portions thereof (books, journal articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, copies of manuscripts, etc...) published anywhere in the world and which are not in the collection of the library of the University of Alicante.

You can have the documentation in an average of five working days to the articles and 10 days for books.

It is not necessary for you to provide the location of the documents; This task corresponds to the section of Document Access.

How are requests made?

You can send us your requests via electronic form from any computer. If it is the first time that you use this service, it is necessary that you make previously user validation .

If you don't want to apply for registration, you can also send your requests via paper form that you can personally present in the document access office or by e-mail.

It is necessary to fill in a form for each document you require. As there is no established a quota of requests, you can request as many as you need.

Does the supplied documentation cost?

Yes. There are tariffs according to agreements between libraries. But there are also agreements of gratuity with a significant number of libraries in such a way that the documents for your research can provide to them free .

If you need any clarification please don't hesitate to call us at  965 90 93 60.

Access to electronic resources

Can I check the electronic resources hired by the library if I am not on campus?

Yes, but for this you have to connect to the UA network or the RedIris .

We recommend that you use the RedUA.

How can I access the UA network?

You must follow the following steps:

  • Enter UA network by clicking on the link below with the browser Internet Explorer version 8 or higher:
  • A connection window will give you access to the remote desktop.
  • After you connect a new window with several tabs will appear. You must select the first tab and then click on the browser you want, normally Internet Explorer.
  • Now you can check any resource library as if you were on campus

How do we know if we have access to an electronic jorunal or an e-book?

To find out if the BUA has subscribed to an electronic journal or an e-book in particular we recommend the following steps:

Research Support Service

Which services are offered by the Unit of Research Support of the University Library of Alicante?

  • Advice in accreditation and six year period.
  • Creation of profiles of the researcher staff (ORCID...)
  • Unification and normalisation of the scientific signature.
  • Scientific production ( where to publish, magazines of impact…)
  • Scientific edition.
  • Resolution of questions on copyright.
  • Institutional Repository. RUA.
  • Sessions of training on these subjects.

Which is the schedule the Unit of Research Support?

The usual schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will remain closed the holidays approved in the labour calendar.

How can I request advice on these subjects?

You can request it by means of the form , by mail or calling to the telephone 965 90 39 94 , 965 90 34 00 Ext.: 1225 – 1226

Who can request the services of the Unit?

The services offered by this unit are headed to the university community, especially to the researchers of our institution.

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