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The University of Alicante  includes in his Strategic Plan 2014-2019: UA 40 (PDF) Manage accessibility on Campus like a strategy to work.

In this sense, the Library of the University of Alicante incorporates between his values the responsibility and the social commitment  to contribute to one of the fundamental pillars of the University.

Thus the Library makes possible to people with disability the use of his  services adapting of progressive way the physical spaces, the virtual surroundings, as well as the services and the resources of information that offer , with the aim to loan a better service.

Between the performances undertaken:

Accessibility in the spaces

The Library  has procured:

Accessibility in the services

The accessibility web has like aim attain that the web pages are usable by the maximum number of people, independently of his knowledges or personal capacities and independently of the characteristic technicians of the team used to access to the Web.

To attain the accessibility web , have developed different different guidelines or guides that explain how have to create the web pages so that they are accessible.

From the Library have a constant commitment of improvement by what will follow working in that our Libraries and services are increasingly accessible. If you want to do us any suggestion on improvement or relative complaint to these questions fills the following form.

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