The Library of the University of Alicante accepts bequeathed and donations of particulars and institutions that contribute to the growth of his resources of information. In the Politics of donations stand the general criteria for those who wish to make a donation.

  • How to make a donation?

If you are interested in contributing to the growth of the collection of the Library with a donation of books, periodic publications, or any another type of document  suitable for our bibliographic fund, you can do it:

Universidad de Alicante
Campus San Vicente del Raspeig
Biblioteca General - Secretaría
03690 - San Vicente del Raspeig

  • Which treatment receive the donated documents?

The Library implements the technical process of the donated documents to integrate them in the collection and make possible his location and query by the user.

The Library does explicit the recognition to the people and entities that contribute to the growth of the collection, appreciating all contributions. Besides, in the case that the documents are monographs, the name of the person or entity that has realised the donation will state in the catalogue of the Library.