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Library of the University of Alicante - News published in May 2012

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News published in May 2012
  • Monday, 28
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    EXPURGATE of periodical publications

    The library of Economics offers its duplicates of periodical publications and working papers. Offered titles will be available to be removed in the hall of the Faculty of Economics and business using a calendar also in alphabetical order.

  • Friday, 18
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    Bibliographic exhibition on the occasion of the international day against the LGTBfobia

    On the occasion of the international day against homophobia and transphobia library of Economics in collaboration with action Provincial LGTBI Alicante have organized an exhibition with bibliographic funds of the BUA on the subject.

  • Thursday, 17
  • students

    Extraordinary opening of the General library for examinations

    From May 21 to June 18, 2012 and on June 25 to July 17, 2012 will be the extraordinary opening of the General library.

    More information here

  • Tuesday, 15
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    The Constitution of 1812

    The humanities and Social Sciences Library organizes a bibliographical exhibition about the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812 to commemorate the 200 years of its promulgation. In addition to meeting a bibliographical selection, sample offers a comparison between the Constitution of 1812 and the 1978 covering various aspects of their respective articulated.

    Bibliographic exhibition will remain on the first floor of the library of philosophy and letters of the 14 May to 15 June.

  • Tuesday, 8
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    New addition on the page of personal collections

    You can already access the personal library of doctor Rafael Martínez San Pedro (1936-1995) donated to the library of the UA.
    In the donation of this medical humanist and University Professor of the Faculty of medicine and the College of nursing of the University of Alicante, next to the books dedicated to obstetrics, gynaecology and Oncology, we can check its monographs, among which are: Historia de los Hospitales de Alicante o Apuntes históricos sobre las epidemias de Alicante, works of great utility to know the history of medicineas well as the society of the Alicante city

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    The University Library of philosophy and literature, in collaboration with the area of Slavic philology of the Department of integrated philology of the Faculty of philosophy and letters and the Russian Cultural and scientific Center organized an exhibition of photographs on the second world war in Russia. The exhibition can visit from May 7 to June 8, 2012 in the access ramp to the University Library of philosophy and letters.

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