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Library of the University of Alicante - News published in February 2014

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News published in February 2014
  • Wednesday, 12
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    The FragUA training sessions (February-April 2014)

    FragUA has published the agenda of training from February to April 2014. It's training sessions, aimed at the staff of the University of Alicante, on issues and specific tools that may be of interest to support the processes of teaching and learning. They are short sessions, between 2 and 4 hours, which are taught in the classroom of formation of the forge, located on the ground floor of the building of the General library, next to the media library.

    You can check the schedule and the agenda.

  • Tuesday, 11
  • Teachers Republic

    "The teachers of the Republic" GOYA 2014 for best documentary film

    The documentary The teachers of the Republic, from the alicantinian director Pilar Pérez Solano, has been awarded with the Goya Award for best documentary film.

    The University of Alicante, with the Education Faculty and the union section of FETE-UGT, organized a pass intended for whole university community that will feature its principal, February 19th at 12:00 in the Auditorium of the Education Faculty.

  • wok

    New Web of Science version

    Thomson Reuters with the new update of the access platform, made on January 12, has decided to change its name by passing it to the platform called Web of Science. In turn, he has renamed the database of Web of Science as Web of Science Core Collection.

    These changes are mostly cosmetic unless integration with ESI JCR and Web of Science. Thus, once you enter the bibliographic record can access the quartile to which the journal is in the different categories and details magazine that has published the article. Additionally, if the article is present in ESI or Hightly Cited can also be accessed from the bibliographic record of this information.

    More information here

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    Since the beginning of this academic year has been integrated in the library of law. for European documentation centre it has been elaborated a new website where you can find updated information on Bibliographic resources in Europe and the European Union, as well as access to the services offered by the Centre of European documentation.

    For any additional information you can contact through
  • Friday, 7
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    Access to the funds donated by the professors of studies Arabic and Islamic of the University of Alicante, Mikel de Epalza and María Jesús Rubiera

    Now you can access the collection of professors of Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Alicante, Mikel de Epalza and María Jesús Rubiera, on the page of Personal collections of the BUA, collecting donations from the personal libraries of scholars from different areas of knowledge.

    The donation, brings a valuable set of books, magazines and reprints of singular utility to enrich the Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Alicante. The bibliographic Fund is organized by subject and distributed in library of philosophy and letters, the deposit and the researchers room.

  • Tuesday, 4
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    The Official Gazette announced the publication of electronic law codes in PDF and ePUB

    These codes, permanently updated, collected legislation of the various areas of the Spanish law: constitutional, civil, administrative, criminal, litigation, commercial, social, tax and financial. Titles that will expand progressively to encompass all sectors of the system. In addition, with a simple alert in the e-mail, you will be advised of any changes and you can download the new version. Available codes include the Code of law librarian

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