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Library of the University of Alicante - News published in October 2014

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News published in October 2014
  • Thursday, 23
  • jean tirole

    Exhibition: Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize of Economics 2014

    Library of Economics, on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Prize in economics 2014 Jean Tirole, exposed a sample of his work from October 20 until November 21.

    It is a selection of funds of the University Library which is temporarily available to users for your inquiry or loan at the library of economics.

  • Wednesday, 22
  • logo UA

    November training agenda - December 2014

    The FragUA has published the agenda of training in November and December 2014. It's training sessions, aimed at the staff of the University of Alicante, on issues and specific tools that may be of interest to support the processes of teaching and learning. They are short sessions, between 2 and 4 hours, which are taught in the classroom of formation of the forge, located on the ground floor of the building of the General library, next to the media library.

    You can check the new courses available in the programming and the agenda.

    I hope!

  • Monday, 13
  • logo UA

    New service of Valencian public libraries PIV (Valencian Interuniversity loan on the spot)

    Libraries of the five Valencian public universities, with the aim of increasing benefits to the University community, put in place a new free service called PIV (Valencian Interuniversity loan on the spot) for the teaching and research staff and administration staff and services of each of them have access to the loan of documents in any of the remaining universities.

    This new service will be offered from October 17, upon request from a high of stakeholders using a form that will be set up on your library's web. The terms of these loans will be at a minimum those determining the agreement signed for this type of service can be improved by the internal regulations of each University.

  • Tuesday, 7
  • blog

    We meet five years! The blog of the BUA is renewed

    Taking advantage of the five years of existence of the absent-minded book, the blog of the library of the University of Alicante, we have made a change of image and form of the same.

    In addition, we would like to, that change was not only aesthetic and that implied the beginning of a new stage that bet for new content and a greater participation.

    More information at the following link:

  • Wednesday, 1
  • visible body

    Trial period of the new Atlas of Anatomy Visible Body (up to October 26)

    Visible Body features 7 modules and will be the replacement of the current Primal Picture which will be distributed by the Publisher December 2014. It's a Simulator of Anatomy and Physiology in an interactive system 3D aimed mainly at students with animations, test and technology play.

    The modules are: atlas of human anatomy; Anatomy and Physiology; muscles; skeleton; anatomical functions; animations on physiology; heart and circulatory system.

    Available mobile app that enables you to consult outside the University, as well as two tutorials of user-friendly computers: tut1 / tut2


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