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Training aids for bibliographic services

Tuesday January 23

  • 9 h. -10.30 H. Introduction SIBID: Performance, organization and services.
    Mercedes Guijarro, Director SIBID
    Marisa García Romero, Deputy Director SIBID
  • 11 h. -12 H. Consult the bibliographic catalog
    Martínez Carlos Romero, Technical Support Library (Sala General)
    Jativa Miralles María Victoria, Technical Support General Library (Humanities)
  • 12 h. -14.30 H. Module 1
    automated loan Berenice Santonja, Technical Support Library Service in charge of the General Loan Puigcerver Ana, Bibliographic Services Assistant in the Main Library
  • 14.30 h. -15 H. Visit the Library
    Jesus Rodriguez, Deputy Director General SIBID Library (Sala General)

Wednesday January 24

  • 9 h. -11.30 H. Module 2 automated loan

    Ana Berenice Santonja Puigcerver
  • 12 h. - 13 h. Website SIBID
    Alida Gonzalez, Deputy Director General of SIBID Library (Section of Bibliographic Information and Referral)
    Last updated: 3-11-20080 Tour of Campus Libraries
    M ª José González, Technical Specialist, Secretariat of SIBID

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