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New subscriptions of electronic resources

The SIBID has subscribed for the year 2004 a significant number of electronic resources (websites of major publishers of scientific journals, reference databases and full text), to meet the needs of information to support teaching and research raised in the Committees of Members of the various libraries. These subscriptions represent an increase in the supply of electronic information available and makes the library of the University of Alicante on one of the university libraries with a more extensive collection of electronic resources. 

In SIBID are making the necessary arrangements for the recruitment, signing licensing and access these new resources for the university community. Are now accessible through the website SIBID the following resources:

Access to electronic journal sites

  • Springer Link Access to 500 full text titles from the publisher Springer, primarily for Science, Technology ay Medical Sciences. Offers the possibility to register individually to create a list of favorite titles, receive alerts, etc.
  • Wiley InterScience Collection of full-text journals of John Wiley & Sons: 411 titles Economics, Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Mathematics and Education.
  • Nature Access to 16 publications from Nature Publishing Group. Is a group of magazines that are at the forefront of the most innovative science: biotechnology, neuroscience, immunology, genetics, etc ...
  • Science Online (pending)
  • IEEE All Society Periodicals Package Collection of 119 titles that collect publications in informatics and technology. Coverage beginning in 1998
  • JSTOR. Journal Storage Project. multidisciplinary database provides full text of the funds back from over 242 academic journals in English. The journals are grouped in different thematic areas, mainly in the social sciences and humanities. Chronological scope: from the beginning of the publication. Not available in recent years (may vary from 1 to 5 years).
  • PCI Full Text: Database of abstracts of journals in the field of humanities and social sciences. Contains the full text of some 200 publications. Chronological coverage begins with the first issues of the journals until 1995.
  • Hein Online Service access to the full text of many law journals of the United States, especially its historical. It also contains digitized documents from the United States Federal Register.
  • Westlaw International Westlaw is an online database that provides information about legislacióny jurisprudence at the international level ( Australia, Canada, European Union, Hong Kong, Great Bretañay United States). It also includes an exhaustive list of publications in such disciplines, and a detailed documentation on international trade.

Database access

  • Thomson One Banker: database that provides information about business data, financial, market share, profit forecasts . It also provides a daily listing. Covers information on most stock exchanges worldwide.
  • JCF Quant local installation of Economics at the Library Database provided in Excel format (including graphs) with macroeconomic data (2500 series) and dues and fees 19,000 companies
  • International Medieval Bibliography contains references to more than 300,000 articles on medieval Europe (c. 400-1500) appeared in over 4,000 management Periodical Publications in 5000 and combined works published throughout the world.
  • Web of Knowledge service funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, through the FECYT (Fundació n Spanish for Science and Technology) for all Spanish universities. Allows access to some of the major scientific databases worldwide.
  • Islamicus Index  Contains references to more than 240,000 articles on Islam, Middle East and Muslim world, with a chronological coverage from 1906 to 2000, appeared in over 2,000 management journals, conference proceedings, works, etc..
  • Patrology latina full-text electronic version of the work Jacques-Paul Migne compiles the work of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 years until the death of Innocent III in 1216. Allows parsing, semantic and morphological.
  • Anne Philologique database that references filologíay about classical literature.
  • Qolid provides access to a series of questionnaires related to the assessment of quality of life in different groups of people. A full version can be accessed from the libraries of Education and Nursing.
  • Tirant Online Database of legal information published by Tirant lo Blanc. Includes literature, forms, case law, legal texts and literature of the subject areas of civil procedure, private, public, financial and taxation, labor and criminal law.
  • Iustel Database of Law with special emphasis on teaching and research. Includes, among other information, legislation, jurisprudence, legal news, educational materials and links to legal resources.

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