Donation from the Petre Dulfu Library to the UA Library Services University Library

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Donation from the Petre Dulfu Library to the UA Library Services

On 14 November, the Romanian ambassador in Spain, Maria Ligor, hand in about 1,600 books coming from the Petre Dulfu Library (Baia Mare, Romania); The hand-in ceremony was held at the Faculty of Arts and Social Work Reference Library's Research Hall, located on the second floor of the General Library Building.

The donation has been favoured by the agreement signed several years ago by the University of Alicante and the Institutul Cultural Român (ICR), negotiated by the lecturer in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Alicante, Catalina Iliescu Gheorgiu, President of the Association "Friends of Romania".
The books, from a wide range of themes (dictionaries, grammarand history books, literary, art works, etc.), remarkably enrich the University of Alicante's bibliographical collection on Romanian culture. In short, after their incorporation into the bibliographical catalogue, they will be available for the whole university community.
This donation, along with that one received in 2005 from the Institutul Cultural Român itself, will be used as bibliographical material for the study of the Romanian language (apart from the future material that the University will acquire in this regard. We hope that this material be of interest for the whole university community, as well as enriching the University of Alicante's book collection for academic and research purposes.