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What's new in 2007 electronic resources

The Electronic Resources Unit of the University library presents the list of products contracted for this year, as well as the changes in the already existing collection of electronic resources:



  1. E-BOOK PORTAL : Electronic book collection published by renowned international publishing firms.
  2. WILEY INTERSCIENCE ONLINE BOOKS : Collection of 21 electronic books on subjects related to Materials Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.
  3. HANDBOOKS OF STATISTICS : reference collection in which each volume deals with a specific topic on statistics. Special emphasis is also devoted to the techniques and applications aimed at the learning of this discipline.
  4. HANDBOOKS OF NUMERICAL ANALYSIS : Reference work that covers the most important aspects related to numerical analysis. Articles written by experts with reference to the latest progress in this regard.
  5. HANDBOOKS IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH and MANAGEMENT SCIENCE : The collection provides basic reference for those who study in the area of Optimization and who, having basic knowledge on this matter, wish to learn the most efficient and current algorithms for particular problems.
  1. OXFORD DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY : It contains 55,000 biographies of the characters of the British History, showing new research and providing an up-to-date evaluation of their lives.
  1. ADMYTE : General Archive of Manuscripts and Spanish Texts. Unabridged semipaleographic transcription of 290 texts from Spanish Middle Ages.
  2. I-CONOCE : Portal for daily updates of regional, national and international press news, and other Internet sources from 2001 up to date. It also offers Information on the stock market indexes.
  3. SCOPUS : Multidisciplinary search tool. It provides full-text access to research articles included in the publications subscribed by the University.
  4. CRIMINAL JUSTICE PERIODICAL INDEX : It contains a large collection of American and international technical journals on Penal Law.
  5. FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ABSTRACTS (FSTA): It covers the areas of food sciences, food technology and human nutrition.


  1. INFORMATION ON TOWN HALLS AND COURTS OF LAW : CD-ROM version has been superseded by the Internet access version. It collects interesting information for local administrations.
  2. SPORT DISCUS : Access via the OVID platform. The content and chronology remains as in previous version.


  1. SAFARI : It incorporates Safari Business Book.
  2. REFEREX ENGINEERING : new works incorporated to this collection
  3. LAW : Now subscription which includes databases in FAMILY LAW, REAL ESTATE CONTRACTING, COMMONHOLD (joint freehold), FREE CIRCULATION and VEHICLE INSURANCE.
  4. INFOADEX : Enlargement of this database to six sectors: social awareness campaigns, Beauty and Hygiene, Home, Transport, Travels and Tourism, Nutrition and Automobiles.

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