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Haruki Murakami. Bibliographical sample


On 6 February the Spanish edition of the new book by Haruki Murakami is published, entitled Sauce negro, mujer dormida. It gathers together 24 short stories from 1980 to 2005. Also, the writer has a new novel, still unpublished in Spanish. This is why the Faculty of Arts' Reference Library proposes to you the reading of all her previous work that will let you submerge in a work full of images, sensations and emotions, with a prose that has been defined sometimes as hypnotic and addictive, and has been frequently compared with such despairing film makers as Wong Kar-wai or David Lynch.

We also recommend the reading of other coeval writers: Banana Yoshimoto, young Japanese writer and y Ruy Murakami, writer who portraits the most savage side of Japanese youth.

Along with two new figures, we have selected the works of classical Japanese authors of the 20th century as the winner of the Yasunari Kawabata Nobel, the first Japanese writer who won it in 1968, or Kenzabur%u014D %u014Ce, who won it in 1994.

A Reading Guide has been prepared as a supplement to the exhibition.

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