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Exhibition: Geography and Sexual Exploitation on Women


Even today, there is a tremendous invisibility of the situation of migrant women in the world. The feminization of poverty has resulted in the feminization of international migration, and it is estimated that the number of women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation is increasing. 22% (4.5 million) of the total number of persons subjected to forced labour are women and girls exploited sexually, according to the report of the International Labour Organization in 2012. Therefore, the situation of women victims of sex trafficking is a global problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

We present this literature shows that lies within the field of study of the current feminist geography, whose development in Spain is still incipient.

From a perspective of geography critique, it's essential to geography to renounce the diverse situations of injustice latent in the world.

We take as the tools of this socio-space science, to make visible the topicality of slavery in the 21st century, the sexual exploitation of women at the international level.

Currently, women face a resurgence of the causes and processes of impoverishment. Forms of exclusion, loss of rights, violence, forced sex work, sexual exploitation situations concern to the Association Entrepueblos... little visibilizados but very present and near social problems.


In addition...

"Mobsters, politicians, military, entrepreneurs, industrialists, religious leaders, bankers, police, judges, Hitmen and common men form an enormous chain on the international map of organized crime which has existed for centuries. (...) Organized crime is an illegal business for economic purposes and referred to those who participate in the gangsters, mafia, networks or posters. These characters are entered in the so-called shadow economy (shadow economy), those that do not pay direct taxes to legitimate Governments, but you need to negotiate with them to sustain itself. Most obvious crimes of the Pact between the State and organized criminals are the sale of the weapons, drugs and people."

"In the houses where the victims, old pornography and erotic movies are used to create a culture of acceptance and normalization of the exploitation. "Traders are convinced women that dream of being a porn star is of them, and that is a workable desire".

"They are slaves of exploitation, but also are exclavizadas by the cultural values of the violence against women: are particular victims of structural violence".

Excerpts from "Slaves of power", of Lydia Cacho (2010)