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The new OCW site launches with more than 200 courses and more than 1000 resources


OpenCourseWare is an international program of publication of materials of University subjects in open content and open access. The University of Alicante is one of the ten universities founding program in Spain and Latin America. The program started in 2007 and now includes more than 200 courses. The Universitat d'Alacant is one that brings one greater number of courses on the global agenda. In 2011, the consortium of universities 250 (OpenCourseWare Consortium) named the OCW-UA as a "Reference Site" of the world by the number of published courses, the variety of languages and the relevance of its content. To date, they have released their courses more than 350 teachers, providing a thousand of educational resources.

With the new portal of courses, OCW-UA is incorporated into the institutional line of the website of the University of Alicante, so users can recognize more easily your navigation and program will benefit from the advantages that that already has the rest of the UA internal websites. Among the advantages, the use of different features, improved visualization of the contents and materials of the cursoss of their videos, and public access to its statistics. This year is very important for the program challenging, since professors may publish their subjects through new formats, while the publication may use on OCW as a textbook for a course online massive and open. To publish the course on OCW-UA, teachers only need to send an email to More information on

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