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Architecture of libraries

The Polytechnic library and health sciences we have assembled a bibliographical exhibition with the theme "Architecture of libraries".

The exhibition shows the architecture of libraries for the interest that these buildings, because of the radical transformation in terms of its use and functions occurring in recent years, thus presenting new challenges in terms of its design and construction.

Conceived initially as places for the conservation of knowledge, in a second phase dealing with its transmission, while the present time makes them the same managers and necessary partners in its creation and transmission.

If libraries until the 19th century were intended to a small elite, in the twentieth century they democratise and become accessible to all citizens. This process is greatly accelerated with the emergence of new technologies, that relocating the knowledge and make it accessible to everyone from anywhere.

This change, which at first seemed that it could end the usefulness of libraries, which has been has been a huge change in terms of its function and the services provided. Now that everything is accessible, that the amount of information about any given topic exceeds everything imaginable, the library becomes an intermediary which selects between all possible that relevant information.

In addition, compared to the old model of rote and individual learning, comes a new collaborative style which poses new requirements regarding the use of the spaces.

All of the above has resulted in its structure and architecture are in a process of reformulation and change to the search of the library of the 21st century. Time will tell which of the buildings that now we present better meet new functions demanded by society.

The Polytechnic library and nursing has made a guide to reading with books which you can consult on library architecture at the UA, a sample of journal articles as well as a selection of links on the web, in this document . We have also created a bulletin board at Pinterest where you can see a sample of the variety of libraries of different places and times and a video that collects the most representative of the current architecture of libraries. Come to watch them! Moreovere, here you can access a great document with images of libraries all over the world.

We hope you enjoy this trip.