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Donation of the Association of Flyers of the Republic (ADAR)

Military aeroplanes Spaniards

The past Tuesday 24 November the Archive of the Democracy and the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes received the batches of documents of the Association of Flyers of the Republic . A small part of these bottoms have been bequeathed to the University Library and will be deposited in the Library of Philosophy and Letters. It treats of books very interesting between which would fit to stand out:

  • Big atlas of the aviation (ed. Sarpe, 1985) whose aim is to present in four volumes a complete history of the aviation from 1903 until the decade of the eighty. This work includes images, drawings, dates of production and data of each one of the 1.200 models of civil aeroplanes and soldiers that collects.
  • Military aeroplanes Spaniards: 1911 - 1986 (Ed. Institute of History and Aerial Culture, 1986). Monograph that covers a very important part of the history aeronaútica and the Spanish aerial strength
  • One hundred years of the aviation: a year of celebrations (ed. SHYCEA–INDRA, 2005). Book that resume all the celebrated acts in 2003 to commemorate the centenary of the Aviation in Spain.
  • Graphic history of the Spanish aviation (ed. Cabbage. Aeronautical engineers of Spain). It narrates through images the historical events of our aviation
  • Looking to the sky: a century of Spanish military aviation . (ed. SHYCEA, 2005). Extensive graphic repertoire that presents the models piloted by the Spanish military aviation and the army of the air.

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