Bibliographic exhibition "Women in rural development" University Library

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Bibliographic exhibition "Women in rural development"

The role of women in the world in general and in the rural economy in particular is critical in both developed and developing countries. Its dedication is important in activities such as agriculture and livestock, artisan processing of agri-food products, recovery of handicrafts, small industries, services to people and proximity or in the tourism sector (hospitality).

However, they often face gender discrimination, which does not allow them to progress in their capacities and to achieve a higher return to the product of their daily work.

The bibliographical exhibition that the Economic Library exposes this year on the occasion of the International Day of Working Women (March 8 to 24 on the ground floor of the library), wants to pay homage to these rural women workers, through a Series of monographs and articles that focus on the study of a complex reality and that must continue to evolve, for the benefit of women and society as a whole.