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RUA turns 10

Today, 10 years ago, on the occasion of the celebration of the Internet Day, the Institutional Repository of the University of Alicante, RUA , was presented to the university community . Created with the aim of giving greater visibility to the scientific and teaching production of the UA staff, as well as preserving this production, in these years it has established itself as an open door to a multitude of resources produced by the University staff in the areas Research, teaching and administration.

Also in these 10 years open knowledge has been consolidated as a way of understanding one of the missions of the university, as is the transfer of knowledge to society. The repositories, especially the university ones, have become a fundamental tool for the availability in open access of the scientific production. Both at the European level, first with the 7th Frame work Program and now with the Horizon 2020 program, and at the national level, with the Science, Technology and Innovation Act , and with our community, with projects funded by Generalitat , it has been established the obligation of the deposit in open access of the research funded with public funds in repositories.

Some of the main results obtained in these years are:

  • Downloads: currently account for about 10 million annual resource discharges
  • Deposits: approximately 5,000 resources filed annually in RUA (in total more than 41,000 items are collected )
  • Research: all the research groups of the UA , at this time 238, have a space for the deposit of materials in the repository
  • Magazines: 33 active journals edited by some unit of the UA are full text and open access in the repository
  • Congresses: 25 minutes of congresses and conferences are held at the UA
  • Ranking: in the last edition of the Web Ranking of Repositories RUA ranked 55th worldwide , 26 European, 4th national and 1 in the Valencian Community .

We want to thank the entire university community for their participation and collaboration in the development of this tool. Looking ahead to the next few years, we expect to continue to grow and offer an increasingly higher quality service to the members of the University of Alicante and society in general.

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