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Gender and development

For several years, the Library of the Interuniversity Institute of Geography of the UA, has been participating in the celebration of March 8 with a bibliographic sample that aims to give visibility to public resources available for study and research on topics of the women, gender and feminists.

In this 2018, the exhibition focuses on one of the great themes studied from feminism, which is entitled "Gender and Development". Therefore, the scientific production of many thinkers and researchers is celebrated. At the international level, they have proposed very important strategies to contribute to the transformation and development of impoverished peoples, particularly those most affected by the impact of neoliberal globalization. The works analyze the situation of women in the global south, with special emphasis on women in black Africa, especially books that deal with Nigerian women, because of the enormous significance of Nigeria in the context presented. Here are relevant scientists from African countries, who have done gender work with a perspective of race.

Atlases of the situation of women are also shown, which gives visibility to the multiple applications of Geographic Information Systems with a feminist perspective. The collection presents manuals on gender and the environment, gender and economic development, as well as women in the rural world and in agriculture . Here appear some very recent works on the rural scope seen from the postmodern feminist studies (queer), as well as diverse works of Feminist Political Ecology elaborated by Geographers. Special mention deserves the contributions of the geographers of the Research Group of Geography and Gender of the UAB. The exhibition, therefore, is a synthesis of key themes that are also collected in scientific journals of Geography that are part of this celebration.

Lydia Delicado Moratalla

Geographer Doctor in Gender Studies. External researcher of the University Institute of Research of Gender Studies of the UA