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'Alma', a new management program for Valencian public university libraries

On September 27, the Universities of Valencia, Alicante, UJI and Miguel Hernández signed the joint contract of the ALMA library services platform of the Ex-Libris company . 'ALMA' is a new generation services platform that implies an evolution towards new forms of management and, above all, a greater integration of functions. It is specially designed to group resources, electronic and printed, with a guarantee of robustness and efficiency. This allows the Library to offer a better service to the entire university community, without forgetting to offer functionalities from the previous catalog. It will also facilitate the tasks of librarians by improving workflows, since it allows you to effectively manage the management of the collections of the University of Alicante, both printed and digital.

In addition, it is the first time that Valencian public university libraries face joint contracting. It is an important fact from the economic and technological point of view, and that will help us strengthen the relationship of collaboration between us. We want it to be the beginning of a consortium of Valencian public university libraries, which allows, among other things, to have their own collective catalog and continue along this path of collaboration in other areas, such as the hiring of bibliographic resources or the training of library staff .

As the UPV already uses the Alma system, throughout 2020 all Valencian public university libraries will work with the same management platform.

In the case of the University of Alicante 'ALMA' will replace the 'Symphony' Library Management software that has served in the BUA for the past 20 years.

The period of migration and implementation in our institution will go from February to November 2020.



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