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The animal question: past, present and future

The Economics Library takes advantage of the International Animal Day on October 4, to present this exhibition on the animal issue, the different approaches and its current state on the Planet.

We are aware of the importance and strength that the animal movement is currently taking in our society. The repercussions of this movement are varied and wide, with implications for Ethics, Politics, Law, Ecology, Food, Livestock, etc.

Of course, in this exhibition we do not intend to cover all these aspects that include, in addition to animalist, ecologist, pacifist and feminist research. We propose it as a presentation, introduction of this social movement and its consequences, its genesis, current state, its possible evolution and its importance in society. We leave later to discuss specific aspects of it, which allow us to study it more deeply.



Place: Germán Bernácer Researchers Room located in the basement of the library of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences.

  • 10/4 4pm. History, present and future of the animal movement and its contribution to social development.

By José Tomás García García : Researcher at the University Institute for Social Development and Peace (IUDESP) and the University Institute for Research and Gender Studies

  • 10/17 4pm.  Protectors, the day to day of animal defense.

By Rocío García volunteer of the Protective Society of Animals and Plants Baix Vinalopo and Rosa Rodríguez volunteer of the Protective Association of Animals of Santa Pola

  • 10/24 4pm.  Animal sanctuaries that are not considered farm animals. Antispecific spaces.

By Monica, head of the Spirit Free Animal Sanctuary

  • 10/31 4pm.  How does climatic change affecte animals?      

By Paco Cuéllar  secretary of the Gran Simio Project and member of the Spanish Committee of the Intenational Union for the Defense of Nature (IUCN)

  • 11/07 4pm. Animanaturalis

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