Update of the Support Portal for the preparation of the TFG: Advanced CID University Library

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Update of the Support Portal for the preparation of the TFG: Advanced CID

TFG update The Library has updated the Website support to prepare the TFG: Advanced CID .

The purpose of this portal is to reinforce the skills acquired in the CIDs previous levels and to complement them, guiding the students through the TFG elaboration by means of offering tools and guidelines that will facilitate this work.

The support material offered will allow you to know both the TFG regulations and the methods and tools required to organize your work plan. We remind you of the main specialized information sources and the guidelines to evaluate the quality of the information found, as well as the tools that will facilitate its organization, management and subsequent use.

In addition, a series of tips and applications are provided so you can structure, write and present the TFG; and for those who are initiating in research, we provide you with some notions that you should take into account when you publish or communicate your research work.

As a novelty, six new degrees have been integrated this year: Law + Criminology (DECRIM) , Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Multimedia Engineering, Robotic Engineering and Sound Engineering and Image in Telecommunication

We hope that these training materials will be useful. We are at your disposal in all Libraries and in PuntBiu to answer any questions you may have about any of these topics.