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We are not muses, we are creators

The exhibition pretends to be a multimedia tour focused on women who have made or make music through a selection of albums and films.
The sound section proposes a varied range of jazz, classical and popular music recordings with mythical jazz voices such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, great instrumentalists such as Anne-Sophie Mutter and Jacqueline du Pré and folk singer-songwriters like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell or Violeta Parra. Among the films, some documentaries have been selected such as Amy , about the life of the singer Amy Winehouse and some biographical films, such as La Môme , focused on Edith Piaf.

A small sample to value women who make music at a very high level to celebrate the International Women's Day.

Take your creator woman with you.

And besides ... Would you like to take with you your favorite creator?

From the Media Library we propose a funny activity to walk around with Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday or Isabel Coixet, or to show them off in your jacket pocket, in your purse or wherever you want, in order to celebrate the International Women's Day.