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Exhibition "El joc de pilota a la ciutat d'Alacant"

The pilota is the traditional, native and more genuine sport of the Valencian Community where it has a great social root. In fact, it was declared an Intangible Cultural Interest Asset by Decree 142/2014 of September 5, Council.

The Library of Philosophy and Letters hosts the exhibition  El joc de pilota a la ciutat d’Alacant from January 13 to January 31 . This is a traveling sample made by the Cultural Association Hoguera La Cerámica de Alicante on the evolution of the Valencian ball in the city of Alicante.

This exhibition presents a very complete route of the implantation and the practice of this sport during decades in the capital of the province. It consists of 15 panels where you can see the modes of the ball, the main players, the location of the ratchets and the streets where it was played. In addition, a series of images are collected of the activities and events performed by La Hoguera La Cerámica in order to spread this characteristic sport.

On the other hand, a set of objects (balls, gloves, thimbles, clothes, etc.) necessary to practice this sport is exposed.

This initiative is part of the complementary activities of the RodaLlibres Reading Club by the Library and the Language Service . Specifically, it is directly related to the reading of the book Do not kill Víctor Labrado, whose discussion and discussion with the author will take place on January 30 at 12 noon. in the Russell P. Sebold room on the second floor of the Library of Philosophy and Letters.

From here, we would like to thank all the people who have given us the facilities to carry out this activity, and especially the members of the La Cerámica Hoguera.

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