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Women with Science

In the Polytechnic Library and Health Sciences we have organized a bibliographic exhibition to commemorate the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY , which is celebrated every year on March 8. We want, with this, to pay our small tribute to all those women who have played a key role in world history. Despite having made some progress in this regard, effective gender equality and non-discrimination towards women and girls have not yet been achieved.

Looking back at the history of March 8, we find that its origin is far from being a holiday and celebration, since its ideological context was based on deep gender inequalities. It dates back to 1909, in the United States, and was organized by more than 15,000 women in a march through New York City. They asked for something as elementary as reducing the workday to 10 hours a day, better salaries, comparable to those of their fellow men, since they charged less than half of them, and the right to vote. This is how the first women's union was born.

A year later, in 1910, March 8 was designated as International Day of Working Women at the II International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen. It was a historic moment for Spain as it meant women's access to the university.

Our small bibliographic sample , aims to contribute to 2020 being the year of decisive progress to achieve equal rights. The achievement of gender equality begins by integrating the needs and experiences of women in the very origin of technology, innovation and science, and that special attention be given to the important role they play in emerging industries.

Thus, the strength of women stands to claim their rights and protect those of others, and on March 8, all united by a common cause!






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