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Exhibition "Look at me! Now you see me"

From April 26 to May 10, the General Library will host the travelling exhibition Look at me! Now you see me dedicated to gypsy culture. This is an activity promoted by the Vice-Rector's Office for Equality, Inclusion and Social Responsibility on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Gypsy People, on April 8th, at the University of Alicante.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between Gypsy People of Alicante and UA students and teachers. It presents the gypsy culture, its ways of life, its historical evolution and its connection with society.

The sample is structured in four parts that comprise 24 panels with images and explanatory texts. It includes a "Gitanómetro" , a training game that confronts the visitor with their own knowledge of gypsy culture.

To enrich this activity, the University Library offers a bibliographic collection on the Gypsy people .