Online bibliographic exhibition "History and Culture of the Gypsy People" University Library

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Online bibliographic exhibition "History and Culture of the Gypsy People"

Within the framework of the Roma People's Week organized at the UA on the occasion of the commemoration on April 8 of the International Roma People's Day, by the Vice-Rector's Office for Equality, Inclusion and Social Responsibility in collaboration with other entities, the BUA participates in the preparation of the online bibliographic sample "History and Culture of the Gypsy People" .

The sample is structured in two guides:

Both guides aim to give visibility and to disseminate the creative works and bibliographic resources of the BUA related to the Gypsy People and their culture. 

Regarding audiovisual resources, we can highlight the sound recordings from the Radio Paris collection, integrated in the web Devuélveme la voz, that bring us closer to the situation of the gypsy people in France from another perspective, although always in relation to Spain. A total of fifteen audios are preserved, grouped in three different graphic reports, recorded in the 60s. The recordings show traditional differentiating religious and cultural aspects of these people and the vestiges of a way of life that is now lost.


Video: Gypsy pilgrimage in Provence , prepared by the BUA Media Library.