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TFG, Thesis, TFM: how to do research work and not die trying

Cartel exposición TFG The preparation of an academic and research work such as the final degree project, the final master's degree or the doctoral thesis, in addition to the challenge of preparing any work of this nature, implies being aware that it is a definitive document in your endeavour for finishing your studies and obtaining a degree (bachelor's, master's or doctor's degree). It is, therefore, a moment in which your abilities will be checked to see if you can search for pertinent scientific information, to evaluate it in relation to the topic and point of view you have chosen, to capture the information in the appropriate way, both at a merely formal level and at the citation of sources, to synthesize the information and to develop your own proposal.

To help you in this important and necessary step to achieve the desired degree, we propose an online bibliographic exhibition in which you will find some funds of the Economics Library on how to prepare a research work (here you can see the brochure). In addition, you have other full-text documents obtained from the Dialnet database.

In addition, the BUA has three portals with material specifically designed to help you: the TFG portal, the recent TFM portal  (both part of the CID project: Competences in Digital Information) and the portal dedicated to the different doctoral programs: Information resources for doctoral programs.

On the other hand, the Library offers training courses on the main databases.

Finally, you can consult in our repository RUA the TFGs read in the UA as well as the TFMs available. In addition, you can retrieve the doctoral theses read at the UA and also more theses and other research reports in the UA Archive catalog. This tutorial will help you to look for final degree and master's jobs.

We hope you find it useful.