Bibliographic exhibition: Transphobia and other forms of hatred towards the LGTBI + collective

On May 17, 1990, the General Assembly of the World Health Organization eliminated homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, something that was not achieved until 2018 with transsexuality, which went from being considered a disorder to a gender incongruity.

Sexual and gender diversity is being recognized more and more in more countries of the world, but both in our country and in many others there is a rebound in attacks and anti-LGTBI + statements. Take as an example two events that recently occurred in our province: from the homophobic herd that met to "hunt" and attack gay men ( see news ) to the suicide attempt of a young trans man due to continued harassment at his school ( see news ) . To all this must be added the campaign against the draft of the trans law that the Ministry of Equality is preparing, which has united sectors of diverse ideological spectrum against it.

From the Economics Library we have prepared a physical exhibition that you can visit in the same library (located on the ground floor of the Economics Faculty), a brochure that collects the books in the exhibition and some more on the subject (available in other libraries or online) and a selection of full-text articles .