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Toyo Ito, prize Pritzker 2013

"Never I will be satisfied of my works" Toyo Ito

As every year, and since thirty-seven calls, "Pritzker" prize is awarded to architects and architects with major projects that make us see the quality of his work through various built-up structures. This award is considered the highest global award of discipline.

The last to receive this award, has been the Japanese architect Toyo Ito. It is the sixth Japanese who obtained this recognition. It has been awarded, among other reasons, by "a work that combines conceptual innovation with superbly executed buildings" and "the spiritual and poetic dimension that transcends all its works".

Toyo Ito Its exceptional architecture has maintained for more than 40 years his Excellency, in different projects such as libraries, homes, parks, theatres, shops, office buildings and pavilions, always trying to expand the possibilities of architecture.

Toyo Ito was born in Seoul in 1941. His father was a business man interested in Korea's Yi dynasty ceramics. Until he began his university studies he was never interested in architecture.

He built the famous works such as the Sendai Mediatheque, the Auditorium of Matsumoto and Tod's buildings and Mikimoto Ginza in Tokyo, as well as the Pavilion, Serpentine Gallery, London. Most recent are his works in Spain, such as the Porta Fira towers of Barcelona and it is involved in projects like the Gavia Madrid Park.

We want to highlight it, the social responsibility of his works through its public architecture, such as the funeral of Gifu, the Library University Tama Art of Tokyo and its work to build small spaces communal for the concerned and affected by the earthquake in Japan in 2011. In this sense also, highlight their work in the training of future professionals in the architecture, especially from his own Office.

Pritzker 2013 will be on May 29 in a ceremony that will take place in Boston, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. The prize is endowed with $100,000 and a commemorative bronze medal.


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