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  • What is the purpose of RUA?

The aim of RUA is to give greater visibility to the scientific and teaching at the University, increasing the impact and ensure the preservation of this production.


  • What type of materials are collected in RUA?

RUA collects all kinds of digital materials, both as postprints preprints, conference papers, working papers, teaching materials and learning objects, journals published by the University of Alicante, etc


  • What are the conditions to be accepted for filing documents in RUA?

Authors or coauthors must grant to the University of Alicante License non-exclusive to maintain and make available their documents in digital format in the Repository of the University Alicante (RUA).

With the grant of this non-exclusive license, teachers and researchers continue to retain all copyright and, therefore, may use the deposited work as they wish (published in commercial media, depositing in other repositories, etc.)..

If you want to know the conditions of this license, you can see the RUA website.


  • What should I do if I want to publish in the UA repository, RUA?

The container RUA of documents is done through self-archiving by their authors. If you are a researcher and/or teaching at the University of Alicante and want to file their documents in the Institutional Repository of the UA, contact the administrator of RUA:


Tel: 90 965 3400 (ext 1226)

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  • Can theses be published in the UA repository, RUA?

To publish the doctoral thesis in RUA, in the PhD thesis collection , it is necessary that the student presents at the Registry of University of Alicante's Doctoral School (EDUA):

- A copy of the thesis Type in a file. rtf,. doc or. pdf.

- Metadata info sheet

You can check all the arrangements in the Secretary's Office at the EDUA


  • Can authors disseminate their work already published, or presented in a conference, etc.. (post-print) in a website or institutional repository, such as RUA?

The author has all the moral right and operating and therefore can deposit document unless it has assigned exclusively to a third party the right to exploit the work (for example, a magazine editor). In general, when it is published in a magazine, transferring the right of reproduction and distribution to the editor. However, most international commercial publishers allow self-archiving in digital repositories with possible limitations (eg not to hang the pdf version. Final).

If the author has transferred any right of exploitation (reproduction, distribution or public) exclusively to a third person, the author can not hang the paper in the tank without the permission of the publisher.

If the author is unaware under what conditions has transferred its exploitation rights, see:

- The road acceptance of standards published or sheet of transfer of rights, in the case of journals or conferences.

- The publishing contract monographs in the case of

If you do not have this information available on the Internet the SHERPA database, where we have analyzed the copyright policy of the major commercial publishers scientific and technical.

In any case, the directors of RUA, before making his paper available, verify that the same can be deposited in open access to the repository of the AU.


  • Can I place a document in an institutional repository, in this case RUA, that I intend to publish in the future (pre-print)?

If the work has not been published you can do it without any problem. It considered, however, the possibility that the policy of the publication in which you want to edit their work in the future, only accept work not previously released.


  • Can I place a document in an institutional repository, in this case RUA, which will not be published in the future?

Some types of documents do not reach published because of their nature (eg, working papers, some teaching materials, etc.). In these cases the author has all the and moral rights holding , so you can deposit without any restrictions.

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