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  • Is it necessary to distinguish between editing and publishing?

Yes, because they are not the same but often confused.

According to José Martínez de Sousa (Bibliology Dictionary and Related Sciences Foundation Ruipérez Sanchez and Ed Germain Pyramid, 1989) "e ditar is done through the press or any other mechanical process, a work, usually with the intent to publish; includes all preparatory work leading to the publication of a work."

Post is "broadcast, disseminate, circulate, make public, through the press or other procedures a work."

  • What is the Legal Deposit?

The Legal Deposit is the obligation imposed by law or other administrative rule, to deposit in one or several specific agencies, copies of publications of all kinds, reproduced in any form by any process for public distribution, rental or sale.

At present, printers or publications producers are obligated to make the legal deposit in Spain.


  • What is an ISBN?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a number created to give each book a unique numerical code.

This is to ensure that every published monograph has a unique identification number and simple. It would be a kind of "ID" for each book.

This code number allows us to coordinate and standardize the identification of any book, regardless of medium, using computer tools to locate and facilitate their movement within the publishing industry.

The ISBN is made up of 13 digits and is the editor who requested the ISBN to the Spanish ISBN Agency.


  • Are there other issues related to the publication of standard works, both within publishing and the digital medium?

Yes. Some of them in the publishing world are the ISSN, which is the international standard code for identifying serial publications, the ISRC, which is the International Standard code for sound recordings, the ISAN or International Standard Serial Number Audiovisual Works, the SNRIs for technical reports and gray literature, the NIPO for official publications, among others.

Regarding the digital environment, there is further information in the section of Persistent identifiers digital works.


  • I wrote an article or a book, but it is not yet published. Is it protected by law?

If the work is protected from the moment it is created, only the condition that there must be a original creation . The copyright in a work incumbent upon the author by the simple fact that it was created without requiring any special registration, although in practice it is advisable to register it in the Intellectual Property Registry , for better protection of the work.


  • Can I make available a work item in a work or personal or repository site after edited having publishing it?

Yes, if the work has not been published previously and the author has not signed a transfer of rights, the author maintains the rights to exploit his work and therefore, may make it accessible through any medium.

If the work has been published, the author should consult the transfer sheet or the contract rights of publication or, failing that, request the appropriate authorization the publisher or magazine that has published the work.

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