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FAQs on the University of Alicante's OpenCourseWare (OCW-UA)





  • What is the aim of OCW-UA?

The UA OpenCourseWare aims are as follows:

  • Provide free, simple and consistent teaching materials for nonprofit-sector educators, students and self-learners around the world.
  • Create a flexible movement based on an efficient model that other universities can emulate when publishing their own teaching material, creating collaborative synergies and spaces.


  • How I can publish my courses, subjects or educational projects in OCW-UA

In order to publish your course, subject or teaching project you must apply at the annual call for aid to the publication of OCW and RUA. These grants are part of "Plan of actions of the Vice President for Technology and Educational Innovation" and usually occur during the month of March-April.

More information OpenCourseWear - UA


  • What are the requirements for the use of OCW-UA materials?

Since no OCW-UA is a distance education initiative or the granting of diplomas, users need not register to view the course materials.


  • What is the IP policy on OCW-UA materials?

Before starting materials OCW-UA to the public, the OCW-AU has thoroughly reviewed all the material in order to determine the correct ownership and obtain the appropriate licenses to dispose of the material on OCW-UA.

The OCW-UA will delete any materials that are found to be infringing on the rights of others.

If you think that part of OCW material infringes any copyright-UA, please notify the OCW-UA email.

The intellectual property policies created for the OCW-UA are clear, are in line with other existing policies for the academic material used in the field of education. If you have students work on the website of the OCW-UA, said students retain the rights to their work

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