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FAQs on the Uses of the Virtual Campus





  •    Are the materials found in the CV or in a virtual classroom protected by copyright?

Like the Web itself, author's rigts are also protected in virtual classrooms.

Unless otherwise stated, the authors (professors, students ...) have the rights to whatever they publish. They have the right to intellectual property be respected and  so the authorship of their works, studies and other embodiments developed in the Virtual Classroom environment according to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law.


  • What is the use to be made with the materials collected in a virtual classroom?

The materials available by teachers to students in a virtual classroom may not be used for anything other than personal use of those students, unless authorized by the authors of the documents or the owners of intellectual property rights, according to the Property Law Intellectual.

The use of notes, bibliography, etc ... will be reserved for academic purposes, teaching and training. The total or partial reproduction of the same by any means, as well as the dissemination and distribution to third parties is prohibited.


  • What happens if I want to include materials in the virtual classroom of which I am not the author?

A reference indicating the appropriate link should be made for materials available on the Internet.

- If it is licensed by Creative Commons,it should be done within the limits set by the license.
- If it is not licensed by Creative Commons, we will get in touch with the webmaster, blog, etc. and will ask for permission, informing the use we want to make.

As for materials in paper format, we should be careful with the scanning and publication in the virtual classroom, because it violates the same rights that the distribution of photocopies in class without the permission of the author.

If in doubt, contact the author, institution, or the publisher owning the rights.


  • Can an electronic document contracted by the Library (under license) be used in a University teaching intranet?

Yes The licensing of electronic resources employed by the UA contemplate the use thereof by the users of our institution, regardless of where access is placed. Some of them restrict the geographic location from which access is provided, but no the web space in which the link is located.


  • Can other authors' documents be scanned and uploaded on the Web or intranet?

The distribution of scanned documents into Web pages or an intranet is an act of public communication, and therefore not be undertaken without the permission of the author or the holder of the rights, except in the case of public domain works or its use is listed as an exception in the Copyright Act .


  • Is it required by law to ask for the author's permission if I want to upload on the Web, intranet or Virtual Campus papers presented at a conference organized by the UA?

If you want to upload the papers, you need to do two things: one, make a digital copy of the paper and another, store the copy on our server. By giving users access to the  papers, you perform the right of public communication.

Both rights of reproduction and public communication are exclusive to authors, therefore, once again, we ask for their permission. Unless they has transferred those rights exclusively to a third party,  to who you will ask for permission.

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