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Article 12. Common applications for registration requirements

1. Applications for registration of rights, acts and contracts referred to in article 1 shall be submitted in official form and must contain the following indications as well as accompanied by the documents listed:

a) The name and surname, nationality, domicile and, where appropriate, any other means of contact, as well as photocopy of the national identity (or another document proving that identity if they were foreigners) the holder or holders of intellectual property rights and, where appropriate, of the applicant if he is a different person.

In the case of legal persons shall provide, in addition to the indicated identification data, as soon as they come, the title attesting to their legal personality and the tax identification code.

b) The object of intellectual property.

c) The class of work, performance or production.

d) The title of the work, performance or production.

e) In the event that the work, performance or production had been disclosed, its date of disclosure.

f) A copy of the work, performance or production in the cases provided for in article 14.

g) The place and the date of filing of the application.

h) The signature of the applicant or of his legal representative.

i) The receipt, in its case, of the payment of the corresponding fee.

2. The identification copies of works, performances or productions will be presented, duly bound and paged in support role, including the title, name and surname of the author or original holder, except in the cases expressly provided for in article 13. However, registry may accept different paper brackets when the class or extension of the work, performance or production or file conditions made it necessary.

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